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At Pearls Maynooth, we provide our patients with the highest standards of dental health care under one roof.

Our aim is to give our patients a beautiful smile that is as unique as the person wearing it. We welcome patients of all ages as you are never too young (or old!) to start looking after your teeth.

When it comes to our younger patients we believe that prevention is one of the best cures and ensure that education regarding dental care and oral hygiene is a key component of our treatment plan.

At Pearls Maynooth our treatment plans are patient-centred and aim to redefine the concept of ‘service with a smile’ by coupling unparalleled dental work and professionalism with clear and concise communication all within a comfortable and family-friendly atmosphere.

We are aware of the various time constraints that may be upon you so we can accommodate you with an appointment time that suits you and your family’s busy schedule (Whether it be early morning, late evening or weekend).

We are conveniently located in a fantastic, centrally located, purpose-built clinic in the heart of Maynooth with ample parking and easy access routes via public transport.



I chose Dr Perry for my treatment because my mam decided to take me here, as she had heard great reviews and recommendations about Dr Perry. I found the initial consultation to be pleasant as everyone seemed to know what they were doing. The quality of the treatment I received was very high and well organised. My overall experience was very pleasant. I am ecstatic over my end result and I would recommend Dr Perry.
Hannah, treated by Dr Ronan Perry April 2014
I was given advice on how to take care of my braces, and I’m very happy with my end result. Everything went smoothly from the beginning to the end. The staff were very friendly and most helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr Perry to my friends and family. My son’s teeth are now straight and beautiful. He is so happy, and that is priceless.
Adam, treated by Dr Ronan Perry April 2014
I chose Dr Ronan Perry as he was highly recommended. The initial consultation was very clear and he gave me good advice.The treatment I received was excellent and very professional. Overall the staff have been brilliant, everyone is very welcoming and professional and made me feel very comfortable.The end result was perfect, just as Ronan promised. I’m absolutely delighted and would highly recommend him to family and friends.
Molly, treated by Dr Ronan Perry Feb 2014
I hated my teeth and never smiled in a photo and I always covered my mouth when I laughed. My initial consultation was very informative and it actually made me feel excited about getting my braces on. Now, I have a confident smile. I couldn’t be happier.
Amanda O’Donnell
Pearls Maynooth is now open in Manor Mills Shopping Centre
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