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Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is the virtually invisible way to straighten your teenager’s teeth without the compromises that come with traditional metal braces. Instead of wires and brackets, Invisalign Teen uses a series of clear, removable plastic aligners that have been custom-made for your teen’s teeth.

Embrace your smile

Benefits of Invisalign Teen

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of Invisalign Teen is that although not completely invisible, these clear aligners are very hard to notice – especially from a distance.

The idea of straightening teeth in a less noticeable way, therefore, has obvious appeal for both teens and their parents.

  • They’re practically invisible & increase your confidence.
  • No emergencies or breakages & fewer appointments.
  • No diet restrictions & it’s easier to clean your teeth.
  • Compliance indicators to make sure your teen is wearing their aligners for the appropriate amount of time.
  • Complimentary replacement aligners just in case your teen loses theirs’.

Discreet and effective

How does Invisalign Teen work?

The Invisalign Teen system works in the same way as regular Invisalign, but with some added features designed to help teen patients. Clear aligners are custom-made according to a personalised treatment plan.

Patients receive one aligner for the upper jaw and one for the lower. These fit snugly over the teeth and apply pressure in certain places to move the teeth into alignment. We provide a new set of aligners to use every two weeks.

Provided your teen’s teeth are responding to the treatment as planned, they will only need to visit for a checkup every 6-8 weeks.

Treatment time varies depending on your teen’s specific orthodontic needs.


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Great for teenagers

Invisalign Teen gives you total peace of mind with the complimentary replacement of lost aligners &  a compliance indicator to ensure your child is wearing his or her aligners. We’re here to get your child smiling again.


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